A Table Fit For Athletes

Leg and Shoulder Therapy Table (LAST)

Full Range Of Motion Strengthening / Biomechanically Safe Table

legandshouldertherapytable2   SDSU-training-room2

It’s a common enough sight in a training room—athletes, hanging half off a table, attempting to get in the right position so they can exercise their shoulder or hip joints throughout a full range of motion.

It works, but it’s not an ideal scenario. There’s the risk that athletes can injure themselves because they’re in a compromising position, or when time’s an issue, that athletes may choose to exercise just one side of their body, leading to a possible imbalance.

The Leg and Shoulder Therapy Table (LAST) addresses many of these issues.

This table was co-designed by an athletic trainer who, through years of experience working with professional athletes, realized that athletes were being treated and trained in a less-than-optimal anatomical position. Where standard treatment tables tend to limit range of motion, the unique design of the LAST table allows for patient positioning and range of motion to perform a wide range of activities using one stable platform.


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